my current wallpaper project

i know it needs a bit of work, particularly on the sunglasses, but other than that can you give me some ideas of what to add or change?

cheers yo :cool:

whoops wrong forum, i saw “works in progress” and immediately put it there :o

could someone move this plz?

added the sunglasses:

it seems to be missing something that most of my images have (called perfection), lol jk, should i add or change anything to make it better, or is it really perfect? :confused:

Its a cool image!

I just don’t know what you could add change to make it better. Maybe its done. Maybe somehow making the sound ‘bars’, stand out more, given them a more 3d look?

Its alright, it does need some work though. The sunglasses could use some reflection and the mouth doesn’t really make any sense. The lighting needs to be adjusted, and the face texture too. You should try making it “flow” better, it kinda looks a little thrown together. But it is pretty creative!
oh, and i like the sound bars!

ok, sunglasses should be more shiny, what should i do with regards to the mouth?