My Daily renders

Hi Guys, I decided to spend this week by making a daily renders based on photographs that i found on Behance.

They aren’t complex because, my task is to increase a quality of my renders and dont spend so much on one drawning.

As the first render I would like to show you render from tomorrow - its a Ryan House by Arthouse Architects and the photograph was taken by Sarah Rowlands photography. I’ve used Blender 2.78c and Corona render to render it.

I will be posting my daily renders here, and on Sunday the whole set on my behance page. Take care and happy blending:)


This is a render from yesterday. Based on the photograph taken by Roehner + Ryan of the Pleats House designed by The Ranch Mine. I hope that you enjoy it, if you have any questions it will be pleasure to answer on it :slight_smile:


So yesterday I’ve made recraction of well known project made by George Nijland and Dave Venmans of o project designed by Maas Architecten and located in Zwolle.

Overcast lighting was made using Overcast hdri from Poliigon, Sunny renders were made using Corona Sun + HDRi Noemotion/Corona Sky


That is some nice work.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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Thank you Lumpengnom, I’m glad that you like it :slight_smile:

Thank you Bart for featuring me:)

However With renders from yesterday I am not 100% satisfacted, but I need to post them., Not sure why they werent so nice.

The first renders is lighten using Poliigon hdri / pro skies addon and Corona sun, the seccondone is Corona sun+ Corona Sky

It’s a Karamay Digital Network Control Center in China designed by HDD and I am not sure who was taken the photos of this this building.

Today I started more complex scene and I am afraid that the day will be to short to finish it:(

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I think it is because they are too perfect. All the lines forming the roof, the walls and the stairs are perfectly straight. I guess in your other renderings this is true as well but since the lines are shorter and not as dominant in the other renderings it is not an issue.

You could give the outlines of the geometry a tiny bit of noise. Not much, after all it´s an arch viz project and the image should be nearly perfect.

Furthermore I´d introduce a tiny bit of DOF and perhaps a tiny little bit of chromatic aberration. But really only a tiny little bit esspecially of the latter.

You still have the comparison renders you made of the first image between cycles and corona? I’m looking for those 2 images and can’t find it on the forum anymore

Oh Sorry, I didn’t have a notification for your message I hope that it is not to late:)





Except of previous post I also wanted to add another render, this time made in Octane

It’s a render based on The Pavilion House by Laura Kaehler Architects and a photograph taken by David Sundberg.


What can I say is yeah, good challenges! Moreover Corona has really pure pathtracing algo which can make the lighting as real as possible than others. And of course after that LCR is good too.

And that is the reason why is it so popular in archviz :slight_smile:

Hovewer working on another recreation of the photo, Render made in Octane, postprocessing in Blender compositor.

I’m really surprised that thatched roof looks better using particle settings than PBR material.

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