My daily renders

First of my daily render. I will try to create one work every day.Sci-fi,abstract,furniture,visualization and much more…
I try to create something similar to THIS


The material is nice. Compared to the reference image your rendering lacks some contrast which could be quickly sorted by tweaking levels or curves or in number of other ways. Also it looks a bit noisy still so you could let it render for a while longer. :slight_smile:

Good use of subsurface scattering in the material.

My second work of ‪#‎dailyrender‬ with ‪#‎blender3d‬ I was sick so I could not post new work.
This model of table has shape keys and it could be resize between 1.6m/2.0m/2.4m
I hope you like it :slight_smile:

Nice chellenge! I will just repeat my constant advice to, basicly, everyone :smiley: more bevel)))

there is bevel…maybe from this angle it’s hard to see :slight_smile: