My Demo Reel

I put together an animation demo reel for my first year and a half of using Blender. It’s pretty short, but I just wanted to include the better half of my stuff.

That’s pretty good after only 1,5 years. I like your animation and compositions, you seem to have a lot of talent for those. When you get your technical side of 3D to next level you’ll be really good I think!

I would have left the matrix guy out of the reel though.

You have some quite fine stuff in there :yes:
If you were to actually use this as a demo reel though
(you know, use it to apply for a job), you would really
have to put your best work in the front.
Especially the guy with the hat (which is fantastic by the way)
should have been in the beginning of the reel.


Oh yeah! That test was one of my better animations. (should have made a body for that guy…)
I uploaded the whole test video if you wanna check it out:

Here’s the old WIP thread for that guy too, with a better still render.

nice work man! Really like the jellyfish

Your effects work is awesome, but the Matrix guy should be cut out, the animation is too stiff and mechanical. I like the rest, though.