My demoreel-2010

I´m not sure if this is the right place to post this but any way…

here it is:

all the 3d stuff are made in blender, the mini cooper is rendered with yafaray.
the rest is made with after effects

any CC are welcome, hope you enjoy!

see ya

I watched it without sound and wasn’t that impressed, but then turned it up and gave it another try. I really like it, having watched it three times now. Great job, I think this should get you some hits. Very distinct and unique style.

looks pretty good. The first coulple shots after the intro could be made a little better just by upping teh contrast and saturation I think. They seam just a little flat. The rest of it is pretty cool. You have a cool style.

It is certainly quite interesting to see “scraps of paper” animation done very well.

Who’d have thought you could make a demo reel without motion blur?

thanks guys!!
@Atom:I´m not sure if i got the comment right, but stop motion and animations made in low processing PC´s (my case) are known for not having motion blur =D

not bad, I like the style.

thanks man!