My EEVEE vs Cycles Renders

These are two location shots for a scene in the short film I’m producing.
I’m not great with EEVEE, ($hit I’m not great at 3D/CGI, yet) and it took me quite awhile to figure out a node group so I could view the glass table at an angle and still see objects through it; the same goes for the windows in the scene. A lot of work is needed with EEVEE to get certain looks! Not really wanting a cartoonie look.

All in all I’m happy with the look of the EEVEE render now, enough so to use it in my film. I know there can be improvements which don’t doubt I’ll figure out as I gain experience and improve.

7 second renders vs 1.5 hour renders is going to be a big reason I choose EEVEE…
24 fps x 1 minute of footage = 1440 frames —
1440 x 1.5 hours VS 1440 x 7 seconds

I just thought I’d share


EEVEE vs Cycles:

EEVEE Adjusted



the cycle one is quite good. though it take way longer,
i would go for better result.
Do you mind share your PC hardware?

@Bao_Richard Thanks. I would love to use Cycles, but I worked out the render time for my 124 min film and it would be some where in the park of 60 years. Haha!
And that’s a 4K render, so lowering it to 2K would be 4 times as fast.
Intel i7-770K CPYU 4.20GHz 64 RAM AMD 8GB 580 Pro

Well there’s many things you can do to make cycles way faster. For this scene I wouldn’t do more than 8 minutes max. You could also use a service like after you optimize your shots. The quality of cycles is just so much better overall if you are trying to make a good looking film.

@LordOdin I would love to get that shot down to 8 mins in Cycles! I definitely need to do more study on the subject of rendering. I’ll check out that rendering site you linked.

Found another little shadow adjustment for EEVEE and added an adjusted photo to the original post.
A better reflection on the table, stronger than what I have now, would really help sell this shot.

Both renders are great… and i always say, it depends on what do you using it for.
it seems, that you’re sharing the pictures, is maybe because you’re not 100% sure of the quality and you need a bit of “quality support” from the users… isn’t a shame to do this… noone of us calling a renderfarm his own or has the money to leave his PC running 24/7 rendering.
if you like to use eevee, for an animation, then go ahead, the quality is good enough… and think about it… animations are fast and u can have a lag of details somehow, because the viewer won’t recognize it. if you need a still image for your production, then you should use cycles, because of the light quality and the main reason, people have more thenjust 1/24 second to view that image

That’s the same trade-off I’m trying to work out at the moment. Eevee renders can look good for appropriate scenes with a bit of work, and the speed is amazing. I’m continuously on the hunt for tips about working around Eevee’s limitations.

Eevee is now my preference for scenes where artificiality is ok. Unfortunately, it’s not great where realism is required, especially if reflections and refraction are important. For that, Cycles is better and much slower.

My preference for photorealism is LuxCore, and that usually makes Cycles look fast, but the light quality is superb. Of course, LuxCore isn’t intended to do animations, and it’s not available for Blender 2.8 yet.

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I’m sure I’m looking for a little guidance as what others are doing and have done in the past. :grin:

You’re right about animation being a little more forgiving with what you can use for your final shots, at least in moving shots.
I’ll render some of my moving shots with EEVEE and judge from there.

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