My employer's PC holiday tidings

(rwv01) #1

This is from my company’s newsletter for December 2002.
They know we come from a large variety of diverse cultural backgrounds
so naturally when wishing us all good tidings for the holidays they
do their best to accommodate everyone.

“We at TWM Industries, hope you have a mirthful, mid-winter festive-type gathering, and that a non-gender-specific holiday icon places many gifts under or near your particular denomination’s shrubbery of choice.”

It’s wonderful and heart-warming to know that my employers are so thoughtful and considerate of our feelings though I find it dambingly offensive that they assume that I’m so gratuitously materialistic that I require a perfect stranger, all be it a non-gender-specific one, to shower me with gifts every year at or around this time!

JK Of coarse and so were they.

(seval) #2

Not for real ? If I got a holiday wish like that I would run to the nearest lawyer and try to find a loophole for how I had been offended.