My entry for the compositing contest

(Nayman) #1

my entry for compositing!

(where do i submit it?!)

(Nayman) #2


(Goofster) #3

COOL! you can read all about the contest in the contest forum.


(WeirdHat) #4

Not bad! Maybe it’s just me, but should the laser beam be a bit bigger and easier to see?

As for submitting, you should email it as an MPEG to [email protected].

(Nayman) #5

BUMP!~ :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

(theeth) #6

it’s pretty nice!

There’s only two problems: the motion of the ship is a bit eratic, and the ship’s shadow is not blocked by the ball (when the ball passes over the shadow, the shadow is rendered over the ball).


(Stungun) #7

Weird is right, I missed the laserbeam the first few times I watched the movie
also I think the ship should leave the screen completely at the end, right now it looks as if you forgot about it at the end or something :slight_smile:

but besides that, cool idea and it looks pretty good, nice ship and stuff