My Father

Well here it is, my first ever finished image in blender, a realistic portrait of my father.
You can see some of the process in heare (WIP thread)
I have learn a lot! I never guessed I could do something like this, but Blender and the huge online tutorials are just awesome.
Also is nice to have complex projects, to go deep.

I think I’m in love with Blender!!

Nice work and very realistic. However I believe that increasing your rendering samples would greatly improve on your work, as it looks a bit noisy.

Yes… I think In a few days I’ll do some more test,

I agree about the sampling, and it may fix it itself, but your normal map looks a little strong to me. Otherwise, good work.

I used bump map, but yes, it can be strong, in a few days I’ll tune that and the skin
Thank you for your comment!

resembles the italian actor Alessandro Haber.

Well… yes a little! but my father has a bigger nose! jaja