My Female Anime Character Version 2! (Need Honest Feedback Please)

Hello its about time i tried to make a another attempt at making a female anime character hopefully i get this one to the point where I am happy with it this time . :slight_smile:

My goals

  1. to better to understand how to make female characters
  2. get better at making clothes for anime characters
  3. to finish this character.
  4. an learn what I need to improve on

if you decide to help :slight_smile:
,Thank you


you should add some suggestion of shoulder blades.

Here a Update on the changes and fixes

is this better?

I’ll be working on the feet later

if you look at a hand from the fingertips toward the knuckles, you will notice there is a slight bowed shape to it. the middle fingers are slightly higher than the outer fingers.

Made some changes to the hands is this any better or do i need to improve it more?

also thank you for the help :slight_smile:

they do, but I’m not sure you quite understood what I was saying. but that’s ok. they look good.

are you talking about when look at my hand from the nail view an the knuckle of the middle finger is the highest up knuckle from that point the other knuckles are lower with the pinkie finger’s being the lowest?

yes, that is what I meant. it’s a subtle thing, but it helps it to look more natural.

I made more improvements to the hands based on what you said are they better now?

Made the feet how do you like them?

looking good. I like the way you did the feet too.

Here’s a render I’m going to start on the eyes next after that Ill do the hair, the eyebrows and eyelashes.

I just noticed the pinky finger looks a little stringy along the length. sorry to nit-pick.

I don’t mind you nit-picking because it shows me what I overlooked. Thank you for helping :slight_smile:
I improved the pinkie is it better now?

yep. looking good.

Your mesh looks uneven and has too many loops…needs some cleanup.

I’m sorry, your basic form has a lot areas that are not the right proportions. If you break basic form construction you get something that’s not quite right and you can’t figure out why. Really hard to put your finger on…yes?

I’d say you need to look at some reference and and study those proportions. That will allow you to see the small problem areas for your self and give you the eye power to correct them. If you want to. You are close but it is off enough to bother the eye as I am sure you know.

It’s hard work to get right but it’s that basic construction that is slowing you down. Using the head as a measurement tool you check the your layout and you make sure it’s right… then you build it.

It’s hard to explain and you are very close but those little details can really be hard to see and yet they are important.

I myself an going over those very same basics …again. I often go back and draw basic forms to train my eye to see. :frowning:

You may want to look at that material to help guide your construction.

I have these books

will these books be good for proportions?
they have some information on proportions in them

Yes, those will work just fine. I myself am going over Andrew Loomis, drawing the heads and hands, book material. Which while dated is still one of the best. You can look up his books online. :slight_smile:

Mark’s books are great.

"…whatever your motive, try not to be impatient.
Impatience probably been a bigger stumbling block in the way of real ability than anything else.

Doing anything well, I’m sure, means hurdling obstacles of one kind of another most of the way the goal. Skill is the ability to overcome obstacles, the first of which is usually lack of knowledge about the thing we wish to do. …

…Skill is a result of trying again and again , applying our ability and proving our knowledge as we gain it.

Let us get used to throwing away the unsuccessful effort and doing the job over. Let us consider obstacles as something to be expected in any endeavor: then they won’t seem quite so insurmountable or so defeating."

[-pg 19 Andrew Loomis, Drawing the head and hands.]

Those words gave me a lot of hope that I could be better and made me be less afraid of not being good. I have a lot of fear which is very hard to overcome for me anyway. :frowning:

So I am on your side and cheering for you…go for it…and I will do the same.



I could post my drawing study’s in the traditional forum…they are really bad. :slight_smile: which I hope is a good sign.

I just posted some feedback in another anime wip currently in this forum but the same will apply to this post as well. You could use reference material for the modeling process. I noticed you have your own books and some people are able to create characters from their own creations. I am not one of them, I use reference pics for modelling. If you go to the G+ “3D Anime” forum go to the reference section and click on the link to the charactersheets. There are sheets from 25 anime present with a wide range of characters to model from. In answering the previous post I stumbled on this link which have very good high quality sheets as well.

Its true, you have to bonk your head 3 times against a table twice a day do this for 2 years long and then you will master 3D :).

Made some changes to the proportions but I need to do some more studying on them. I feel I have improved the proportions but that they still can be better. The arms need alot of improvement at this point to the form to look more natural.

The hair at this point is very far being finished I need to find a good reference for doing the layering on it.
sorry I havn’t posted have been working alot this week.

Thanks for Feedback everybody :slight_smile:

I have been really busy lately at this point I feel like calling this almost finished I need feedback on the hair and eyes Ill post a sketchfab so that you can view from all angles. Also I rigged her

You can see wireframes in sketchfab by going to rendering options. The little cube in the bottom right corner.