My first 3d head


I’m working on my first 3d head (sculpting with dynotopo), I’m intending to do something similar to an old Greek sculptures.
The problem is, its still very… unnatural. Would be nice if someone could give me some tips what should I change to make it more realistic.


I marked in green where I think it needs more definition. one thing that seems off is the ratio of upper to lower lip. usually the upper lip protrudes out past the lower one.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Bah! Put a lot of beard on him and done!

I would put the hand in fire that the distances are not being kept. Distance from mouth to chin, from eyes to ear. Proportions are wrong.

There is a “realistic face” thread in blender tests where you can download in the last page I think one file with a scanned face of a guy. Import that head in your blend and compare the proportions to fix them.

Well, the human head is probably one of the most complex shapes you can try to replicate. Thing is, the proportions make it and break it. In your case I think there’s quite some problematic areas in that regard. For example the horizontal distance between the eyes is usually the same as the width of an eye. The head is too wide overall. You should read up on how to construct a human head, there is some easy to understand rules that give you a good starting point. See here:
and here:

thanks for tips guys

I’ve done some tweaks:

still needs some tweaks (I dont like jaw and eyes ._.) but I hope its going in right direction. How do you guys think?

he needs more fullness in the area just over his upper lips. and the middle bit you could actually pull out a bit in the middle and drape it slightly over the lower one. the corners of the mouth should rest in a slight dimple.