my first animation
My first animation after two weeks with blender.I am a hobby game developer who just started using blender and hope to make a fps with blender.i would like to thank blender 3d-noob to pro,authors;milkdrop for helping me stumble on silver ball with his yafray tutorial;greybeard for all his awesome tutorials;hitmovie for the alien pic;blenders great community and tufts university tutorial authors for helping me unlock the final steps:yes:
Hope to make some more posts as i work on my game,if you have any comments;suggestions;tips i would love to hear from you:cool:(p.s. you might want to loop it as it is only 3 sec long but has good detail for full screen.)

Looks interesting, and I don’t want to not reply because the file is huge.
Could you compress it a little?:eyebrowlift2:

Let me tell you something… I’m the only wizard in town… hehehehe… welcome to BlenderArtists :smiley:

OK. The file is huge and after downloading it, all I got in VLC is a black screen. Please tell us what codec was used and if possible, use a codec that will give smaller file size while not compromising quality.

SMplayer played it alright, but it was a little short.
Good materials, but it would be fun if there were self made models in it… Not only inbuilt meshes.

Thanks for the comments guys.I believe i used avi codec.I tried rendering to quick time but got pixelated streaks.Avi codec was the first one that worked so i went with that.As i said i am new to blender and this is my first month so im stumbling around in the dark so file size,compression?I was just happy to get it to work.(lol).I viewed it in wmp so i dont know if it will work for others.As for modeling,I am a hobbiest game developer and not really focused on modelling or animation or anything i am just trying to get from point a to b as fast as possible.There are so many great models out and it would take me months/years to model all things for the game.I will need to do some rigged animations so i am trying to learn just enough to get by.Jack of all trades,master of none!