My first animation

KK, so I recently purchased The Essential Blender and am working on animation.

So I’ve gotten everything set up and go to actually render the final “piece”, the book says to hit anim button in the scene buttons (f10). So I do that and it opens a “render” window which cycles thru my frames stopping at the end. Then the book says to click play to see the finished, rendered animation.

I can understand that. My issue is that when I hit play…Blender stops responding. Or, in other words, after hitting play a new “render” window pops up but stays black…and in order to do ANYTHING else with blender (ie close windows, model something else, or move anything) I have to Ctrl+Alt+Delete and close blender via the task manager.

What am I doing wrong???

added afterthought: The only way I can see my animation going full speed is if I do shift+p in the window I have set my camara to (well i guess I can do it in any window that has the model in it…but I do it from the one set to the camara so I can see the “finished” product.

It could be the version of blender you are using, is it the normal blender download from, or an optimized version from graphicall or one you compiled yourself.

Also the video codec you are using could be causing the problem. If you are using video, rather than a series of jpg files, you can go to /tmp or c: mp to see the video file created by your renders, unless you changed from the default output directory.

I think it is the video codec you are using though by the results you have listed, the black render window, and it locking up blender.

[Shift+P] should only give you a render preview, I don’t know how it is giving you an animation preview, that’s generally [ALT+A]

Newest form of blender straight from Ill check the codec, but I doubt its that. I"ll also try going directly to the file on the HD.


Newest form of blender straight from Ill check the codec, but I doubt its that. I"ll also try going directly to the file on the HD.

QFT. But what happens when you play thru the animation with that preview pane up? It plays thru the animation. A bit slower than what you would want it to do, but scrubbing thru the animation speeds that up, and depending on your comp may end up looking exactly like the finished product. I know mine looks pretty nice and fluid, but I wouldn’t know to much about that as I’ve still yet to see my finished product.

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First i would not render directly to a movie file but a image file each frame. I use PNG for that purpose. That way you can resume rendering at any frame you like ( and you can do nice things later in the sequencer) . With enough memory disk caching will be fast enough to play back animation real time.
And i think bgstratt is right : i had problems with divx5 versions choking the complete system. Maybe the console window gives a hint.

If you just what to see the movie file played the actual file is saved in the c:\ in a folder called tmp that bleder creates to store all fles it creates. every thing from auto saves to fluide sim data and also any rendered animations.