My First Architecture render in Eevee

First time using Blender eevee in Architecture Rendering.
They are some reflection artifact. C&C are welcome.

Direct From Viewport

Some Work In progress and Setup


I like a lot the result you got. The left side is looking too dark, it adds to the scene ‘mistery’ but it’s too dark for an architecture render I think, I’d be nice for a movie scene.
Is there other views of this scene ?

@hmd Thanks for your suggestion. I agreed,if this is a commission work, then this is too dark.
For this project, I only work on one angle to test how eevee works. Anyway, i will try another project with full interior design.

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Thank you for your answer ! Great ; Can you by the way share some technical info ?

overall I really like it. only things I would personally nitpick on is the pillows don’t look right. they are to crumpled I think. mebe to glossy? the couch looks super good! the bokeh blob in the mirror really doesn’t do it for me either.
Otherwise this is pretty good!

I think the brown pillow looks great but yeah the other one has something weird going on. Idk what the orange circles are in the right mirror either but for the most part I think this looks amazing. The textures you used fit perfectly together

I can’t fixed the error of the reflection,it seen like the reflection have the limit of reflection. Anyway, thanks for you comment. In the next RND project , I will be trying exterior.

I don’t know what to share about this RND project, basically blender eevee done all this. Material is only normal mapping from PBR. Anything you like to share ?

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The mood doesn’t look flat as it’s most of the time the case with eevee, that’s why I asked for technical details. Perhaps it’s due to the material settings.
Thank you

Bro , please have a look . I re-edit some setup into my post.

That’s really nice Bro, I liked the tricks you used for the lighting ! So that’s an open space ?!
Again, thank you very much.
I invite you to have a look on my recent post here : Office design

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

Thanks. It is my honor for this.

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