My first attempt for an indoor scene

This is my first attempt for an indoor scene. It is not quit finished but I would appreciate some critique.
How is the modeling, the lighting, the materials. And does it tell “the story” ?

edit: I re-rendered with a better camera angle


well the “story” I see is that a wife cooked dinner and waited on her husband and he never came home or was late so she got drunk instead and is very pissed. Though I can’t imagine any woman allowing that painting to hand in their kitchen. lol good job.

lol. The story goes the other way round. My supposed to be next girlfriend canceled our first real date within 24 hours because she “met some one”. And suddenly I felt lonely. :cool:

I does look like the camera is pointing down, try to work it 90 degrees from the floor

Thank you for the advice, I will fix this

I think you told the story very well. Sorry to hear about ur girl troubles. I’ve sworn off em personally. I have terrible taste in women and a total inability to be friends with them. How can you be a good friend if all you think about is having sex with them all the time? I’m just far too immature for a meaningful relationship with a woman.

…immaturity is what you need to be in a relationship with a woman! :wink:

Ah, my girl troubles come and go. The next time it will work out. At least I got a theme for the picture :slight_smile:
I tried to re-render it over night, but this morning Blender was closed and there was no new picture in the project folder :frowning: