My first attempt - Seahwak over the ocean

Please have a look and comment

Pretty good, Yorkie! It is a little short, but the graphics are good, water is realistic, so 5 stars from me!


Very nice except that the sound seemed to be ahead of the helicopter.

I have a new Australian destroyer to add to the scene and then I will make it longer - the wake is killing me though

The sound is perfect, it should preceed the copter. Also the stereo is perfect on my computer coming from R to L. Did you put in a doppler shift too? Great job.

My only suggestion would be to consider adding some spray from the downwash of the chopper.


rather good, but there is an obvious problem with the horizon. This is known as the Truman Show effect.

That movie has its own effect? Awesome!
The helicopter looks like its moving too straight. Watch some videos of helicopters to see if you can improve the movement.

that is very good! is there any chance of posting a .blend? i could realize use that water!