My first blend

Go easy im only a beginner :spin:

Looks really good for your first time! The controllers seem a bit dark though. Maybe add some AAO (Approximate Ambient Occlusion) in the World Buttons. Or maybe just add a spotlight or hemi to each of the controllers.

I agree with Dudebot13 completely. That’s really good beginning work and a little more light would help.

Wow…I remember my first work… Actually, I don’t, I’d have to look at my old files on my old computer, but I don’t think I even finished it, lol. Great job on this.

Besides adding light, I see the red button on each controller has real sharp corners, try rounding them up a bit. So many models can be totally ruined by perfectly sharp corners.

Look up 3 point lighting, and try to use it to illuminate the joysticks. That would make it look great, and like a finished artwork.