My first Blender Animation (11 Second Club) WIP

Hi all,

This is my final WIP before I render this out. I have already made some changes based on critiques in the 11 Second Club but will welcome any critiques to improve my animation skills.



seems very good to me … congrats

this one made me laugh. very good. now to make your own models and animate them.

If this is your first animation than you are incredibly talented. Excellent work!

Thanks guys - just my first animation with Blender. I’ve done a limited number of animations with Animation Master over the past few years. The final renders are coming along nicely - 3 layers to be composited. Rabbit is taking anywhere between 4 and 15 minutes per frame to render at 800x600 with mulitlayer, shadows and AO. Only 75 frames to go :slight_smile:

I can make my own models without any problems but designing, rigging and texturing them has always been a problem for me.

Wow, very nice! Looks already for the best thing made with blender for 11 sec club.
Keep up the good work!

Why do you render it? I think for the contest you only need the animation from the 3d view port.

I’m rendering it to see how well it looks rendered. This is an exercise in learning blender more than anything else.

This is your first animation?!? Wow. Its great.

The pose very near the end (just after “thank you”) is strong, but then the arms just sort of float away as the animation ends.

My feeling is that it would be better to “moving hold” that key pose while the body/head turn to follow the second character.


Hi Pappy - yep - I changed the ending a little :slight_smile: It’s now got the anticipation to another action (left to the imagination of the viewer).

The rendering took me some time (re rendered each layer at least 4 times though error/stupidity but the final result looks OK - Had to teach myself the compositing/nodes window. Man I love Blender :slight_smile: