My first blender animation!


this morning I decided to create a blender fun short story…

It is my first blender animation… I didn’t put it in the animations section because it is really short and simple, but really I’d like to improve myself and get better at it!

In order to make this one I followed some tutorials on this website and on youtube and it was a really good project to work on…

If somebody is beginner like me at blender or wants to help by giving suggestion and new ides he is welcome!

I just want to say thanks to this community because it has tons of good tutorials which helped me a lot and they will still help me for the future projects!

I also have a youtube channel (I uploaded the animation there) and I’d like to make blender tutorials too!

I could make a behind the scenes on how I made this short story…

I’m open to suggestions!

Check out my animation here:

3ds Max is supposed to be better, and it probably is. About ease of use, it is probably about the same, especially coming from nothing previously. Yes, there are different ways of doing things, but coming from no other program means you don’t have a certain system in your head, that you would have to adjust for the other program.

Blender does somet things that 3dsmax does not do. Blender is also free. 3d software is similar to other things, in that once you know the concepts, you can learn other tools with ease. I don’t think that it matters too much which program you use first, especially as you are learning(that is assuming price isn’t a factor), simply because once you learn the concepts, you will be able to understand where Blender isn’t good enough, or if it has everything you need, you will also be able to know that for yourself. Right now, if you don’t know anything about it, I wouldn’t invest in 3ds max, until you have experience in the field, and know what you are missing and if you really need it. But, that is my opinion.