My first Blender complete musical video!! Yay!!

So… this is the animation section, isn’t? I mean, complete videos… So… al the other forum areas are only for static image caps…? that is a bit weird… isn’t? Whatever, I’n a newbie here, so… yeap.
I start to use blender this year, (I used to play with Lightwave a bit before but, is really messy and limited… specially compared with blender) And (at last!) I could finish one complete musical video.
Keyframing, cloth and soft, particles, mesh deform, armature… I try to use all of them… And, after a month of hard work and hard-way learning, I finish my little project. Is based in a folk dance called “caporales”
Yay!! :smiley:
But, I need feedback…
There aren’t almost nobody in the spanish blender comunities… and I’m feel a bit lonely… :frowning:
So, comments, impressions, suggests? I really apreciate it. All of them. Really. Pleeeeease!!
So, the vid:

Editing the message must be moderated too?
Maybe I just… how the heck I delete my own posts…?

very cool! Do you did the modeling too? how long did it take to produce the video?

Thanks! Glad you enjoy it!
A whole month. And yeap, I did the modeling too. Some of the furniture is really very low poly… In that aspect the ShaderTool addon was absolutely helpful.

Some minor bugs fixed and full HD:

You could do a musical number if you wanted to.

Nice work indeed! My only critique would be on the camera work. There are a few moments when the camera movements are a bit quick and distracting. (like when the male staggers to feet)

Keep it up, like the stile/look you have here.