My First Blender Model!

This was something I created a week ago, not very impressive I know, but considering at the time I had no idea how to use the Blender interface, it looks quite interesting. Somehow I triggered a symmetrical sculpt function, which I haven’t been able to repeat successfully since. It actually took me longer to figure out how to take a screenshot from a camera perspective than to sculpt the thing in the first place!

I always thought it looks sort of like an biomechanical alien head, while my Mom said it looked like a spaceship… looking at it again, it does resemble a crude sculpture of the Milano from Guardians of the Galaxy!

Welcome to blender my friend! Don’t worry it took me a long, long time, and even now after using it for years there’s still stuff I’m finding out. My first model was the monkey head. It took me ages to figure out how to smooth it.

Everyone starts somewhere! :slight_smile: Check out the wide range of fantastic training videos on Helped me learn LOADS about blender!

Thanks for the compliments, and advice! I’m planning on learning some animation in the future, maybe a little game development if I have time to spare!

These will probably help. Shows many things about the interface and settings

looks like a good start to me, keep going :slight_smile: