My first Blender Project(need help!)

Hello every1!, I’m new to the forums and to Blender as well. Been playing around with Blender for about a week or so and this is what I came up with:

I need some help with the glass material cause as you can plainly see it’s all wacky:o … I used this tutorial to texture it:

Also, I wanted to add 2-3 ice cubes and some sort of liquid in the glass(probably scotch:D ). So I need some help finding a Ice cube texture and a liquid texture tutorial or something to show me how to do it.

Also any other imperfections that you can see let me know about them and how to fix them if you can. Remember i’m new to all this so try not to be to brutal on the critizism:p .

Thanks in advance!


our repository, has lotsa tutorials you may find usefull

welcome to blender! :smiley:

you seem to be grasping it quite quick though, having made this after only one week! The glass does look a bit whack, but that also might be because of the reaaaally plain green plane it’s standing on. Maybe these things would help a bit:

  • tune down the reflection so you can still see the black and white colors of the chips, but not as sharp as it is now
  • tune up the specularity and hardness, so that you get a nice bright specular spot on the front (in other words, get the vague bright blur on the glass narrower and brighter)
  • tune the IOR down (i’m not sure about this but it looks a bit high)

and i’d say the glass should have a nice transparent shadow, but it looks like a solid shadow now … are all rendersettings on raytracing? (also, is the (spot)light set on raytracing?)

Usually to get some liquid into a glass, i just select the inner portion of the glass (in edit mode), duplicate it, press P to split it to another object (makes it a bit easier) - and then truncate it a bit so it’s not as tall as the glass, and then close the top (by selecting the top vertices and pressing (ctrl-)f). Finally, it should be sized a tiiiny bit smaller (0.001 or something), so the faces of liquid and glass do not interfere while rendering (you can get really ugly results if the faces are on exactly the same places :mad:).

Getting the right materials for the liquid should be fairly easy once you can tweak glass to the right look :wink:

keep it up, looking good!

scraze put you onthe right track except for the ctrl-f bit. the auto fill doesn’t work so well on circular items and will give you trouble if you use subdivision.
Instead, select the top verts of the liquid, hit E to extrude (don’t move the mouse!) then hit S to scale, then 0 (zero) will bring those verts to the center. then hit W and select remove doubles.
Ice cubes - make a cube and hit W and select Subdivide Multifractal

AS for the material, YAFRAY has a glass preset, you could also try that. Oh, by the way, welcome!

Hey guys. I’m sorry it took so long to get back to this post but my computer kind of went haywire. Anyways I’m back and got a few questions. I recently downloaded YAFRAY and tried a YAFRAY render in blender. It really helped with the sharp edges on the poker chips and the dice also look pretty good.
But now I have a few more problems.
First off someone said that there was a glass preset in YAFRAY that I could add to my glass. How do I access this material.
Secondly when I rendered the picture there was a HUGE glare on the middle of the screen. I thought it was the birghtness of the lamp so I moved it back a bit(away from the objects). It didn’t really help.
Some help would be awesome.


i think you may use subsurf’s to the black and white chips…

You can access to glass material, by selecting YAFRAY as render engine, and then go to the materials panel, and above of where before was RayMirror and the other buttons there is a Materials presets, like Color Glass, Clear Glass, Fresnel Reflect, Uniform Reflect, there you can choose… and put you image with the “error” that you say… so we can know what exactly is.

Take a look at:
It contains some material settings you can use.