my first Blender project

hey guys, recently started learning blender … and it’s fun as hell
anyway i’m obsessed with sci-fi and aliens so i modeled an alien mobile house :D…i know its not that detailed lol


Well you won’t win the render of the year with this one, but for a first project it’s pretty cool.

It has a toonish architecture stile that is pleasing, and I like some of the detail like the plant on the roof part for exemple.

Not especialy, I started CG in a group with no knowlege at all and it was at the same time motivating, stimulating and emulating. We shared tricks we found, the more experienced formed the less ones etc.

On the down part it’s realy time consuming and you may not have total artistic freedom as you are suposed to do thing that go smoothly with the rest of the project.

I’m not trying to push you, I dont know this GameDevKev person or have any interest in his project myself. But if it’s your unexperience that stop you, it’s not a good reason.