My first Blender Render

I have been a C4d user for years and I finally made the switch to this awesome piece of software. Here is my first render. Please feel free to critique.


Welcome @yaw_cg and congratulation, this blender render looks great!

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thank you! I’m thoroughly in love with blender

Welcome to the community!

It looks fine as is, but an easy thing to mention:

How many samples did you use? Did you think about using denoising?

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Cool scene! :+1:

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512 with denoising in the compositor

Did you enable “denoising data” and use the noisy image, denoising normal, and denoising albedo?

It could just be JPEG compression. But again it looks fine, just curious now.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

i’m only just seeing this! thank you!

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