My first blender render

Hi, it is my first Blender 3D project. i don’t have any sofa model. i did download this sofa. Thanks.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

pretty good for your first, might want to shrink the sofas down a bit though, looks kinda big for some reason. And the screen texture looks tilted, is that on purpose?

You are a liar! your first render was a cube and we all know that xD… Just kidding, nice work for first time. You will learn a lot of new things in time…

i was using max before. i think; i will learn it. Screen texture; yes i feel like using tilded angles. Really thanks for replies. :slight_smile:

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Everything is great except Erdogan :slight_smile:

My first render was terrible compared to yours :). Nice picture I like the light.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Work on textures. Render looks nice.

Good for 1. render. Set sofa cushions shadings smooth, not flat. Around lamps hanging and flying a lot of flies, maybe lamps are dirty or you are rendering with cycles :slight_smile:

Yes it’s Cycles Render Engine :slight_smile:

Merhaba, nasselsin abi :slight_smile: May I ask you your render times ? Because last render looks like 3d viewport view.

Merhaba, iyiyim. Sen nasılsın? :slight_smile:
Render times: [2000 Sample]
1= 2min (open environment)
2=5min (open environment)
3=90min (closed environment)

Great for your first render! Just take a second look at the proportions and watch your lighting. The only light in the scene is from the two lamps by the tv stand, yet it looks pretty bright on the other side of the room too. Wonderful job on modeling and color scheme for your first render, though! Thumbs up!

i must study for better works. Thanks for reply :slight_smile: