My first car in real life...


I’ve been (very casually) playing with Blender for almost ten years now… Yet this is my first ‘somewhat elaborate’ project!

I’m what you’d call a late bloomer I guess… :confused:

So yeah… I decided to pay homage to my Yaris, a very robust little car that just works…

I promised my self not to ask for help before finishing the major part of the modelling… But I’ll be back soon to ask you guys questions about the rest of this… Mainly for materials and textures… I have no idea how I’m going to do the rear windshield… I’m really bad with image-editing programs… :smiley:

Anyhow… Let me know what you guys think… :eyebrowlift2:

Here it is with a subsurf level of 1…


And now the same thing with no subsurf at all…

You really have a nice start.Keep it up.

Excellent work.

And a good idea for a project. If I can find some photos of a 1961 Econoline van, I may do the same thing. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the encouragements guys! :slight_smile:

@rontarrat: maxon, the BA user who made the Bulldozer image, also made this… Maybe he can help you find what you’re looking for?

Here’s another image of the Yaris, this time from inside Blender…

(PS: I thought maybe I’ll reserve this thread for updates on the car, and ask my questions in the corresponding sections of the forum…)

Hi there…

So I added a front windshield, door handles, and tires-so-shoddy-they-are-comical:smiley:

But I’ll make better ones, once I get the hang of it…

Here’s my little update then:

Looks really good so far! The topo is very cluttered on that part above the tail light though, could use some cleaning up. May I suggest Andrew Price’s tut on tires? That’s how I learned it. Keep it up :smiley:

Looking so amazing for your first car great work :slight_smile:

Here, have this: (might need some time till it’s accepted)

Just upped it so you can have a look at how the tire is made. It’s the price method, however, it’s important to have a good ammount of polys in the base mesh so it later doesn’t look polygonal when you ‘round’ it.

The topology looks good, cool job!

Thanks! I’ll look into it. That’s definitely an Econoline pick-up. :slight_smile:


The topo above the tail light was cluttered indeed… Thank you for pointing that out! I have removed quite a few edges in that area!

As for the tires, I was going for Andrew’s method :confused: , I’ll just have to watch it again instead of tying to remember it!

Just got it, I’ll be sure to look into it! Thank you!


Your encouragements will keep me going, thank you all! :yes:

Haha! I found something even older than the black ‘Mafia Car’… So these are my first ever cars, I remember it now! 2004…

LoL oh my word they realy are old work, almost like an embarrassment to how good your have got in creating cars lol now i see what u mean by Real Car lol. Ive never created cars before maybe mine would look like your old ones or ever worse lol but its nice to see how u were before u got so good, great stuff :slight_smile:

hi there! new fresh B.A. user here!I have the same car in real life too ahaha! the topology is just very nice and smooth, and the body shape is pretty much authentic in every aspect, especially that yaris crease along the front fender ahaha! keep going!

Thanks man! And welcome to the BA forums!

I don’t believe this!

It took me several hours just to make this headlight… Couldn’t get the curvature right… And that’s just the exterior part… :no:

hardest part ever! i think you did a good job by the way!