my first car - Lamborghini Gallardo

all materials are temporary btw:) and once the rest of the car is finished i’ll get those headlamps in.

Not much to comment on but nice start :slight_smile:

yea i just noticed that:)


and can somebody link me to a tutorial that shows how to render a wireframe on top of the mesh? i’ve been kinda curious lately. does it require the use of nodes?


ok now everything is correctly aligned

looking nice!

did some final alignment and changed up a material.



the front end should be completely finished and i can now proceed to the doors.

Wow, that’s a really nice start for your first car. My car in progress is quite fail compared to that. I’ll post it soon enough.


Cool. What method are you using to make sharp edges?

i make edge loops because i find that shit+E is very messy. however, if done incorrectly, in experience i find that loops are more messy so i have to be very careful.

a correctly working boolean tool would save me wonders of time:)

WOW thats great for the first car …about rendering wireframes there is a button in the “LINKS&PIPELINES” under the “Full Osa” …

VERY nice indeed! Great job on the lines where the panels join - superb.

Coming along nicely :slight_smile: Keep it up!

Looking really nice, are you using a tutorial? If so, which one?

nope. here’s how i work anyway:


didn’t do much but here’s different angles & better quality. i also applied a texture (cloud bump map) thanks to Samo.

and every once in a while i do a checker box render to make sure all panels are smooth.

and a wireframe

Looks good! :wink:

Yep looking great :slight_smile:

hey can you post a mesh in edit mode? w/o subsurf lines? or w/ subsurf edit mode? (likes curve-mode thingy)

not saying i dont believe you made it… just wanna see it for reference… may help me later on xD