My first car (quite poor)

Here is my attempt at a Ford GT500 2007 Model. Obviously need to learn some new modeling techniques. Well it all sucks, but if you could point out the most obviously terrible parts so I can improve next time I’d appreciate it. Rendered in YafRay - each one takes 6minutes.

Anyway, can’t be bothered giving it proper materials + lighting + scene + wheels etc because the actual model fails. I fail at HDRI as well. Also, can anyone suggest an easy car to model w/blueprints??


a bit sloppy in some places, but overall a pretty nice car. (for a Ford :stuck_out_tongue: )
tweaking it and setting up a decent scene would result in something nice i think, but that’s up to you :wink:

it looks great just needs some more subsurf

Pretty nice…

Not that bad, actually it good. You need to push some vertices, straighten few areas and it will be better.

Yeah its really not so bad, just needs a bit of polishing :slight_smile:

its great!!! I CANT say that this is poor (coming from a noob of course) , looks a model car, but its great

Mate, there’s nothin’ wrong with that.

Sure, it does need a few tweaks here and there - like over the front wheel arches at the corner between the top of the bonnet and the front guard, but I always try to make a point of checking the photos before I read what I’m looking at. I couldn’t have told you it was an 07 model, but it looked like a must-hang straight away to me.

Yeah, there’s a little more work to go on the HDRI, though the reflections on the bonnet of car.jpg look pretty good so far. Hope we see more of this baby.

It looks fine. I say keep going instead of starting a new car.