My First Car

here it is
what do u think,is it totally failed?


Very good for your first car. How much did you pay for it? ;D
The car’s metal part, the… well the hood and stuff, they look a bit soft, like melted plastic. You should add more specular and hardness, and give it some “ray mirror” to make it look more metallic, it adds a whole lot of real-lookingness :).

more hardness,mirror and shadows


i think since your using subsurf…you need to extrude the faces(but don’t move them) to make the parts look harder and more metal-like.

my second car
ill add some logos
and make glass transparent


Made glass transparent and changed the color


Good modelling skills, scorpion9…I think that if you keep working on the hardness of the hood…you will end up getting interesting results…


it never comes as a shock to me how you can tell who the rednecks are in the forum lol we are the ones who make are first models of our trucks lol good work man keep it up.