My first car!

Current progress…

Okay, I made a chess board. I made people that didn’t really look like people. According to the rules, I think I have to make a car next. I’ll start small…

Just basic materials so far…

Wires! Or it didn’t happen…

good work, keep going :slight_smile:

Thanks Eric. I’ve got a character that seems to think it needs a car. If I don’t keep going I’ll never hear the end of it.

Small update. I kind of jumped ahead. I downloaded the surface follow add-on because I thought it would work good for deforming the grills. Worked fine after I spent 6 hours figuring out all the ways I could screw it up.

Still doesn’t quite flow right where those four corners come together at the edge of the grill.

I would suggest defining the whole shape of the car first, then go into details. It’s looking great nonetheless.

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Very nice work for a first car.

Thanks lluc21. Three reasons I’m doing it like I am. One, I started out modeling edge by edge rather than box modeling. With the mirror modifier the side and top views stay decent, but the front and back views get littered with the geometry from the other end. It makes picking and snapping a pain. Two, I like working in the quad view with lock and box on. It’s a pain to switch it over for working from the opposite end. Three, I’ve modeled quite a bit, and was always kind of in awe of nice car models. It’s a strange mishmash of mechanical and organic flow. I thought a lot about how to do it, but never did it. When I started, I kinda went nuts.

Thank you.

Heres the update. I’ve got to give some better attention to the lights, but that’s not for today. I am going to spin it around and get to work on the back, since it doesn’t appear elves are going to come in the night and fix it.

Not much of an update. Just a viewport screenshot, working my way toward the rear.

Modelling looks really solid! Always slightly jealous of people who model nice looking cars :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Peter!

Here’s an update. I cut in the little light/logo thing on the side and got rid of that big n-gon on the fender. And I let it sample for six hours with my little CPU just straining against the noise.

Made a little progress on the rear.

Still got a long way to go.

This is really good progress for someone’s first car. Especially the topology that is neat and seems to be spot on. Keep it up.

Thank you Anuraag_01. I have modeled quite a bit, just never a car.

Today’s progress: I tied down the roof.

For everything I fix, I see three things that need fixin’.

Baby needs a new pair of shoes!

Great progress. I love how you change the colour in every render lol

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Thanks lluc21. I keep plugging away at it. I change the colors because I still don’t have any vision about what the final render should be. :slight_smile:

I did struggle through building a tire. Was real happy when I finally got the verts to all merge like they’re supposed to. I need to redo it though. Turns out snow tires aren’t really that sexy. :slight_smile:

Just a quick screenshot.
This is part of what’s really difficult for me. I like blueprints, measurements and angles. Just working from reference photos, I get shapes and proportions all wrong. This is good practice…

Crits and comments are welcome.

It’s looking really good!