My first character made from scratch by myself

I don’t used just blender, also used substance painter, zbrush and unreal engine, i would like to know what do you guys think i can improve on my future projects

Video renders and other poses at


Amazing! This is your first!? If this is your first, I would love to see what you are like in a month or year! Amazing.


Yes, it is my first character, took me over a year to learn and apply everything, i’m currently worrking on a new character, and the process is going a lot faster and easier, thanks for the appreciation, soon i’ll post again here and on artstation

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Can’t wait to see more angles and more of the model.

My first major character is taking slow but you’re right it will get faster and easier the more you do it.

Super cool especially for a first character !
I think everything is good, you can push the render further by improving the posing, they are a bit stiff for now.

By adding more dynamism and varation to the pose you can make it more interesting.
But , it’s already a great achievement !

Keep up the good work !


Thanks for the help, i will definitely give it a try!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!