My first competition try out. Blender Guru's Christmas competition.

Okay, so Christmas is getting closer and I thought I could take part on the Blender Guru’s newest competition!
Had some kind of idea for my composition, but for now I just tried to get the mood right. Next I add the characters and the story on the image.
The name “You’re not alone” sound fitting for this work as it going to be a bit sad but hopeful instead just full of joy or so. Of course there is going to be some comedic elements too. :smiley:
But as I said, next I figure out how I add all the element on the scene I had in my mind.

After couple of hours of work:

What is giving off the light on the right side? It looks like a spot lamp. If so, I would change it out for some mesh lighting, assuming you are using cycles.

What I see so far looks nice. But I can’t judge the details as there isn’t much to see. It’s pretty dark so far. I could imagine some brighter moon light from outside.
For now it looks like a scene that was entered last year. Lets see what this will turn into.

Hello IconW, nice to know that you are active in a blender. This scene looks very promising. I really liked the furniture. Just a suggestion: try to soften the interior lighting. Maybe then, the candles will have some gain.
Also, try to put a footer on the walls. I believe this will break the visual shock between the floor and the walls.
Good luck in the competition.

Thanks everyone!
I appreciate the advises.

I’ll smooth the lighting as I get everything modeled and get the composition right. This is just a start.

Thanks. Yeah, that scene you mentioned inspired me to start this work so for now there are a lot of similarities. It’s going to change as I get some work to it.