my first concept car

That’s my first concept car realized in Blender 2.68 + Cycles 1000 samples and Gimp

Nice. Nothing for me to say! awesome work!

Thanks… :slight_smile:

If i could afford it, i’d buy it - nice job :smiley:

If you know someone that want build it after you can buy it! :slight_smile:

snappy car! I’d love one of those.
Was this personal work for for an actual car manufacturer?
I’d love to see more wires/angles if you wouldn’t mind sharing.

this is a concept car realized by me…only for my pleasure…not for car manufacturer…but if someone want build this car, please contact me! :slight_smile:

See below some wire of the model.

thats very impressive. congrats on the blendernews feature.

Thanks…also for me was unexpected!!!

This machine gives me a lot of satisfaction…thanks for all comments! :slight_smile:

Very nice!!!

Thanks Ludovic_L !!!

I would buy that :slight_smile:

Before You have to build that! :slight_smile:

Che bellezza! =)

Grazie… :slight_smile:

Prego!! =D


Beautiful car, very neat render.

Made in Italy, I now understand :slight_smile:

Thanks…this is the italian style…this is my style!!! :wink:

Wow I really like this car…I want it!!! good concept :wink: