My first creation! I would love your feedback on my pastry

Hi Everyone,

I have attempted to make this pastry ( a Maltese pastizz - for anyone wondering)

As proud as I am of it, I know it’s nowhere near where I would like it to be. I was playing with procedural textures but i couldn’t replicate the flaky pastry layers, and the fluffy cheese filling just looks like yoghurt (rather than a scrambled egg like texture).

Any help on lighting, shading or modelling would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,




there is definivetly too much lighning, or too direct like a global illumination.
Try to get a part of the object with a darker side.
This helps to see results of texturing variations you make, also it give more value to the subject.
Maybe first looks into world shader or property tab, and reduce Strenght to something like 0.3 or less untill you feel you can control shadows like this, then move your main light a bit off the object to get the darker part. Then adjust main light intensity.

It’s vital to know 3 lights technique if you don’t already, also called 3 points lightning.

The original pastry looks rounder, more spheric (and yummy :waffle:)
You can add a Cast modifier (default is set to sphere) to shape it more roundly from it’s origin or from an empty.
Or use proportional edit tool, in edit mode select faces on the center, press O and try move & size (MMB to control fallof).

Do you use UV for texturing ?

For the cheese part, it’s like quite a challenge :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I think you will need Subsurface, a lot, and lightning will be crucial.
Probably more height variations, combining displace modifier + displacement in material output material.

The flasky effect is the roughness maybe ? or adding a clearcot with clearcoat roughness to minimal, plug your texture in there and in between use color ramp node or brightness to narrow the range wich will affect the clearcoat roughness.

Am hungry now, well done !

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Thankyou so much for the feedback!

It purely used procedural textures, but I feel I need to create a more complex mesh to get the look right.

I’ll apply what you have mentioned and post an update :+1: