.:my first decent lighflow render:.

(shibbydude) #1

I just got eeshlo’s new LF script and like it way more than the old one… thanks :). This is a comparison of a Blender render and a Lightflow render of one of my scenes. I thought the difference was amazing.

with lightflow


Tell me what you think.

(snailrose) #2

It may just be me, but i like the blender one better
I like the black pieces in the lightflow render and, the white ones in the blender one…But over all the blender render is better
its good work though 8)


(Cativo) #3

I like’em both! did you model them? A better/sharper background would be good.

(shibbydude) #4

Your opinion…

Yes, I did model them but I am working on some better ones. The Knights really bother me. And I am going to do a terragen background, too. Thanks.

(digitalSlav) #5

like the LF one but some cleaner maps in the blender one would help it greatly!


(Friday13) #6

They both look GRRRRREAT! :smiley:

(Xtra) #7

In my opinion the image quality of most raytracers (VirtuaLight, POV-Ray etc.) is better than pictures rendered with Blender. Especially when you use glass or other high reflective surfaces in your scene.


(shibbydude) #8

I agree.

I plan to have another pic up of a square chess set I am working on right now. The Knights will look much better.

(basse) #9

too much shiny and glassy things in LF version… I wonder also, why people always want that…hmm…

I like the dusty feeling blender gives you :slight_smile:


(shibbydude) #10

I like dusty things, too but I can never get them to look right. There are a lot of dusty things in my gallery and I want to learn more about volumetric rendering in LF but for right now all i can give you is shiny or glass :).

(Timonides) #11

I think in that specific case the Blender pic looks better, but that’s only because it has some short of a better contrast…

If you work the LF version a little bit more I think it will look better at the end, but I’m not sure how it is possible to improve it cause I haven’t started yet experimenting with Lightflow, or any other renderer through Blender, so I can not possibly give you any advise on how you could improve your image…

Keep the good work up man…