My first EEVEE render, Brutal Temptation

(Jamesabels) #1

(Antony Monteiro) #2

Scene looks awesome!!

(Jamesabels) #3

Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Marc) #4

Awesome composition, you really got an eye for that.

(sundialsvc4) #5

I am very impressed by the daring compositiion, including the way that you sent one of the diagonal rays through the skeleton’s eyes, then past his hand on the same [sight …] line. It’s also interesting that the skeleton is “partly skinned.”

This is the sort of bold graphic art that I would expect to find on a concert poster for a rock-and-roll concert that I would really like to see. :clap:

The only constructive suggestion that I might add is that the lower part of the skeleton’s torso (from the bottom of the rib-cage down) essentially disappears altogether. Perhaps an appropriately-shaded dim fill light covering that area – but affecting only the figure, not the background – might be worth contemplating. Or, for something visually more bold (and possibly contrasting with the gradient now used for the background), what about a complementarily-colored (and upside-down) gradient for illumination along the figure?

(Jamesabels) #6

Thanks! :blush: