My First EVER face

Okay, this is the first face I have ever made, and I did it using TorQ’s method. I have only done the face, and not the head, so does anyone know of any tuts on making the back of the head?Also, if you look at the chin, there are some ‘rips’, how do I fix those? So anyway, here is the render and wireframe

Here’s a side view, made the eyes white :smiley: , and also gave it a test skin.

i did torqs tutorial too…it great although it would be better if he did a whole head now

…how did u add your pic? to your post

to add a pic to a post you have to put it on a website, then, right click on it then select properties and it will say URL, copy that and then paste it between these tags:


Any crits or help?

crits yeah
your eyes are too big ;notice the side view… i havent added even nostrils yet

Well, actually, he is not supposed to be photo realistic or anything, and I wanted him to have big eyes.

did you follow the tutorial on your nostrils?

ive never posted a pic its downloadable from the site

thats the url i get when im clicking on properties…
.what am i missing

hey edwin, try starting your own thread to post your pictues that noone asked for…

lighten up…

well i was going to let him crit mine also

so that i was not just critising the result …

hes just a hot head…dont worry about it

back to critique

what about that line under the chin

can u rotate the image so we can see it

maybe you need to merge the vertices there?

Yoshi_Rider, I think I know what’s the problem with that chin, why you get that “rip”.

Ok, select all the vertices making up that chin and zoom in on them. I think the reason you have those rips is because those chin vertices are overlapping each other I think.

I’ve added a picture here to show you what I mean:

See how you get those ripping effects?

I’m not sure if I’m right, just guessing by the looks of that chin :wink:


Thanks :smiley:

Actually, they aren’t overlapping, but I’ll figure it out.

so hows it going on it

try turning off set smooth and disabling mirror to debug your error.

One way to build the whole head (with reference images), is to:

1: start in side view
2: Add a plane
3: In edit mode, delete two vertices
4: Select a vert, extrude and line it up with your reference image. Rinse and repeat until you’ve completely outlined your image, make sure you don’t add too many verts.
5:In front view, select an edge or edges and extrude them so they follow your front reference image.

This is probably more suited to a new model, however you could complete yours with this method. One way to do that, is to add a a sphere that approximates the size of the head and use that for reference. The back of the head is, basically, spherical You can then extrude in the manner described above.

Hope that helps.