My first ever sculpting project

Hi guys!,

Well decided to learn something new in Blender and that is sculpting…so be kind :smiley:

Like if I didn’t have my work cut our with my F16 WIP, I want to approach the object I’m doing now an even bigger challange.

I’m sculpting the throttle quadrant handle, rather than doing it via the normal modelling approach

Here’s one of the reference images

And this is what I have done so far (remember sculpting noobie here)

PS. I know this post might be in the wrong place, but as the header says that is the place “Post any tests and experiments with Blender”, I feel that it suits it better than the WIP section or any other.

I would not normally sculpt a ‘hard surface’ model like this, seems like more work, though it is not looking too bad. Don’t be scared to be quiet drastic with your sculpting at the start, and gradually refine it from there. Keep it up, curious on the progress

Thanks for your comment @facingbook, I wouldn’t either but as mentioned I decided to challange myself with something I have never done before.
The whole idea is to get the general shape (not as detailed as many sculpts I’ve seen) then do a retopo and finish it off with the standard mesh adjustments and detailing as normal hard surface uses. I’m kinda slowly incorporating sculpting into my bag of tricks.
Of course, I might get hooked into sculpting and decide later on to do it entirely this way, who knows…let’s see where this takes me.
Anywho, so far it’s been fun