My first finished render.(Array)

Well, this is my first render that I feel like I can call ‘finished’. It’s got it’s rough spots, but I’ve spent enough time on it…

It’s my first time using nodes(HUGE thanks to mpan3 for making his .blends available, I never could have figured out nodes without those! :slight_smile: ), first time using the IPO chart, first time using an array modifier, and a first time for a bunch of other insignificant things.

Needless to say, this render is a big step in my Blender skills.

Feel free to give criticisms, I know I need 'em.

(Sorry about the artifacts, I don’t know what’s causing that. The file I have saved on my HDD doesn’t have that… )

wow - I like it - very nice. Am just wondering that how it would be if you would change a bit the texture (maybe glass, or water? - don’t know if it is possible) and play a bit with light (sometimes it is too dark for me)…
but, would be very happy when I would be in your blender skillls level ;o) - nice work

You mean change it so that the dark-ish spots in the render are lighter, or actually change the texture on the array?

I would, but this took over 60 hours to render(Yeah, I went crazy with high settings. :P), but I might make another array animations sometime.

And don’t think I’m that great, it’s a mediocre animation hiding behind nice render settings, which I stole from Mike Pan. :cool:

:eek: I reaaly loved it! Very coool Men!!! :yes:

Its very cool, darn close to what mpan has on his website. Still nice though.

Yep, I know. Like I said, I copied most of the render settings.

It was a great way to get familiar with nodes, and a few other things as well, so I’ll be a little more original from now on.

There are some points that could have done with more light, apart from that its as good as it could get…

(your name reminds me of the band Hobo jones (and the junkyard dogs))

good job


this really look cool, I wish I could do stuff like this.

array is quite easy to master, have a play :wink: