my first fluid sim (newb)

i’m fairly new to these forums, this is my fist project that i’m posting. I know all your other works COMPLEATLY Blow this on out of the water, but i’m proud of it. probally one of my best works (sadly) :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
n e way, this is alittle 8 sec. Fluid sim test thing that i did


o yea, is there any way to get the fluid to take the shape of, lets say a cone, or cylinder?? all i can get is a cube, is it just me??

Looks pretty good for a first project post. I like how the fluid looks (the materials).

User a higher IOR, like 1.33, no spec, no difuse, no lamps, and something to reflect like a plane with a texture, for the speculars you can use big white emiting planes (you can iluminate them with strong spot lamps) so they get reflected in the water and look like water speculars :slight_smile:

i’ll try that