my first game (kinda) Overland

this is my first real game project in witch i actually plan on acoplishing a finished game. i have used a little ge in the past but all my projects were small games to help me learn the blender G.E. I decided to make a small platform only a few levels long about a boy who was turned into a tree. I’ve included a small demo of what I’ve got going so far (don’t expect allot i am still learning). the main point of the game is to find the boss who changed him into a tree/person in the first place so he can get changed back (not very in depth plot i know but i am going for simplisity on purpous). to make the game a little more playable and fun i am trying to make the charicter controll a few plants for things like makeing temporary platforms or pushing objects to big for a single person to push. this is my first ever rigged model so be nice if you think the animations all weird, but he has stiff arms on pourpose to give the illison hes made out of wood. but heres what i got tell me what you think.

well, not much to look at…you forget to pack the file ( no textures)! :slight_smile:
But, it looks “correct”!

oh sorry forgot to check that it worked in the exe wich i couldnt transfer yet ill pack it and send it again as soon as there is a little more to see.

i updated the file above so use the same download link theres a little more to see and i paced the textures and made more moving around room. still need to work on the camera prety bad though

pretty cool. not much but, you have a start keep it up.

Brocolli man strikes again ^^ Heh, i like your character. But there are some little things i noticed. First, I’m guessing on the jump animation you used loop stop. i think you should use play, so that way, pushing space will make his jump animation go, instead of having to hold space. I’m not sure if you wanted that or not, just a suggestion though. Also, maybe he wasn’t sposed to yet, but he doesn’t actually jump :confused:.

Please post instructions too, so that we can play it more fully. Keep it up!

yah im very aware of the jump problem, i swear im A.D.D. or something because i cant seem to focus on one thing at a time i try to get the whole game to progress evenly without finishing everything about a spacific thing first. i was working on a little more visuals but now im going back to working on charicter actions and such but thanx for the tips.


ive done some updating on the jumping its not done yet but at least you get off the ground. also some lookey loo’s added and am deciding wich monsters to put in for now, also im offering a slightly informal invite if any one like the theam of the game and would like to help with some of the design or not. i dont necessarly need the help just offering in case any one was thinking about starting a project simalar to this and wants to put forth a few ideas to make the overall project better.

i guess i should of made a new reply before instead of an edit so people who actually read this post can see its been added onto but i did another update in the last 5 min so i guess i can justify this new reply. but if you care to see what i said read the edit of the last post.

made a little update added a skybox and camera python, both aren’t mine but i do plan on making my own sky map its not done and whoevers camera code it is would you please let me know so i can give credit to you acordingly.

heres the link just in case
happy new years folks