My first GO with BLENDER. WoRST but FiRSt.

Hello guys,
This is my work with blender. My first go was to get on with gun, but then thought of going on with a simple knife would be fun and a good basic start. So, I know it’s worst, but i want you guys to suggest me what i can improve and do to get more artistic and realistic.

Thanks for your advice in advance.


If it your first completed model it is fairly good.

Is a start, but you might want to render it out first

Yeah, I want to I mean I will but for now I will have to keep it like this because I am learning about rendering so it will take time to Get hands on rendering.

If you are looking for places to try to improve, I would start with making the handle round.

Well, right I was thinking but tehn like thought it might be useful for game so, I kept like cubic. Thanks for your advice i will surely try to do it round.

at least a subsurf of 1 and smooh shading will make it look round and not increase your poly-count to much

Well, thanks for the advice but i am not so into the modelling terms so, did not understood what you said but will try to make it round and smooth as much as possible.

To apply subsurf:

  1. select the object
  2. on the right you will see your properties panel (it has little pics at the top of a camera, cube, little world etc.)
    3.Click the spanner, this opens up you modifiers
    4.Click add modifiers
  3. Select ‘Subdivision Surface’. Most people call it ‘Subsurf’
    6.Select the level. The higher the level the smoother your model (mesh) but the slower blender will be. 1 2 or 3 is usually fine.

To smooth shade

  1. Select your object (mesh)
    2.On the left you will find some options (With you mouse in the main screen press ‘T’. this will toggle these option on/off)
    3.Select ‘smooth’
    This will make your model less blocky. Works best with a sub surf.

To render:

  1. Hit f12
  2. Sit back and relax.

You will need lights set up to do this. there are lots of tutorials to help on Look for the beginner section.

Good luck, we all started somewhere!

Thanks a lot sir, I think this will help me a lot.

When you model the gun. Start with a plane and work in orthographic mode (numpad5)
Only concern yourself with the side view and keep the plane 2D for as long as possible, when you’re happy with the shape select all in edit mode and extrude the plane and make it 3D. Saves time and less mistakes this way.

Thanks bro for the advice I will definitely do the same. Thanks guys for the help thanks a lot

really good for your first project

Thanks a lot.