My first head attempt!

Hi all
while making my car nr.2, i thought i would try a head.
I really need feedback, on what i need to do better, im tweaking and tweaking and cant seem to get it better, so plz give feedback.

Well the first thing is - what many ppl needs to be reminded of - the wireframe shot. We can’t give you any constructive crits or comments that could really help you out if you don’t provide us the needed info before.

The little I can tell from your current pics is that your model has a too little skull compared to his facial features. And looking at those nasty pinches on your model’s cheeck I’d say there are some weird topology issues going on underneath the skin. Also his sternodeidomastoid muscles are way off, they should actually start right from under his ears. His nostrils are too big and the tip of his nose needs more refinement, aswell as his noseramp needs to be smoothed out a bit. Overall it’s a nice start but you really need to focus on the detail, and by that I don’t mean that you’d need to go and start sculpting some crazy ass skin impurities and pimples and whatnot, but to just focus on the existing details like his eyelids, brows, nose and so on.

But yeah, post the wires.

Quick tip, use a background image to get the proportions right!

Hi thx for the reply.

Here it is, its with multiresolution on 1, otherwise i couldent get it to work.
Dont know if im doing it right, i just made a copy and scalede it, and set that to render wire ?

If you want to show us a wire frame don’t do it with such dificulty.
Just go to Object Tab/Display , check wireframe, press print screen on your keyboard, paste it into paint, export and you are done.