My first head/face (on a stick)


my first approach of a human-ish head. Rendered with Yafray. I think it’s not the worst kind of head, but I’m using blender for two weeks now, so bare that in mind while serving me the crits. Thank you. :wink:
I got a little impatient while modeling, so the mesh ain’t that clean and those bumps on top of the head, well… those aren’t bone structures cough. :slight_smile:

White light. Looks better. :slight_smile:

Oh, and if anyone could tell me, why Yafray produces those smudgy shadows, that’d be great. Refinement is already at 0.1.

:confused: well I’ll be damned. 2 weeks? Not bad for a start :slight_smile:

I would be ill placed to give advice about yafray. But I kind of liked the esthetic the yellowish light was giving in the first version…


Very artistic! Could you share the blend? I would like to give it some tries in Indigo. The only thing I can crit is that his forhead looks kinda wierd. Not much just a little.

I haven’t used Yafray, but the same artifacts are evident in Blender internal renderer when I only use a single light source. Try adding a couple of additional lamps.

@ Kothe:
Yeah, I didn’t pay attention to the head loops, and just started facing away.

@ Orinoco
Thanks, I’ll try adding another light source. Lightning is still tricky for me, as of now I only use a fairly large area light.

Yesterday I took some pictures of me front- and sideways and I’m trying to remodel my head as we speak. It’s really fun and I’ll post an image as the basic face is done. :slight_smile:

Heh, I really like the style of the mesh. Very different. Biggest crit is the seam running down his forehead.

@ Alden
Would you mind explaining “different”, since this is my first head-mesh so different is obviously not intended. (well, if it’s likeable I’ll keep it up, but I would like to know what it is. ;))