My first head render


I’m just getting started with 3d. I think blender is easy to use.
I followed a tutorial(Blenderella), but also vidoes about uwmapping and hair.

Hardest thing was to get good light and hair. Still not good.

My first shoot.

Tell my what you think.:evilgrin:


You’re just getting started? It looks awesome. The face looks like a photo. The lighting is perfect - her eyes have life in them.
Did you model it from scratch on reference photos?

The only thing that I could mention for improvement is her hair. It looks like painted not like real hair.

Thank you.

I had god reference pictures(downloaded it online somewhere) and I yes I did modell it from scratch. Started out with a simple plane.
I used the reference pictues for uvmapping that is why it’s so realistic cant take credit for that :slight_smile:

I tried to follow tutorials for hair. I have to work harder on hair modelling/render… Maybe something is wrong with my nodes.
I’ll try to post upp more info on my modell later when I’m not at work :slight_smile:

Strands are really hard to get right. Unless you need strand-by-strand animation, using a texture is much more common, especially for game graphics. Basically what they do is create several planes and place a semi-transparent hair texture upon them, like this one:

This isn’t a fantastic execution, but you can see the technique very well with this model:


You should check out Andrew Price’s tutorial in about rendering realistic hair in cycles. I also believe the key light is too bright. You might want to tune it down. In regards to modelling and texturing they are great! Do you come from a traditional art background? I tackled creating a head a few times and it never turned out quite as good as yours. Hope to see more of your work here.

Here is another picture so you can see my mesh without hair.

ACESV: Thanks for the advice and links, I will look into it and try to understand the concept.

Nivos: Thanks. I don’t have any art background. I used to play around with Photoshop but mostly for fun. I would say I’m just very stubborn. I did sneak peak at Andrews videos but apparently not enough. I’ll try to play around more with lightning.

Here is my new updated result.
Tried playin around with light, hair and material…

Still hard to get it good.

Just beginnning(3months max)… it’s awesome if you modelled this head yourself.

What is this rendered in. Is it cycles? Regardless, it looks nice but there are some weird rendering errors on the hair, and adding a ramp with lower alpha near the tips on the hair helps.

I think I have replied this thread before, but my posts doesn’t seem to get posted. Strange.

Damien - Thank you.
GraphiX - Cycles, I’ll try to look into ramp, but not sure where do find ramp in cycles. Thanks for feedbacking my work.