My first head

This is the first head that I made, using a box modeling method. The ear looked a bit odd, but I think I’ll get the front of face first. I try to get all the loops right, but of course, there may be some mistakes, so can anyone point out how I can make the loops & poles better, please?

And post a question here, what do you do with the area inside the mouse, nose, and the eyes? I don’t know if I should leave it open, or fill it with quads or tris.

This is the first time I’ve ever post an image here, so I don’t know how I should get the picture, and there is a little problem with the shading of the left part of the face. So can anybody point out how I should post a picture?


Pretty good for a first head, but try working with a background image (view menu, then background image) because some of the proportions are off. The eyes should be at around the middle of the head. I can see something wrong with the nose, but post more angles of the model.

So more angles there are.:eyebrowlift: Done a little work on the eyes, but it’s difficult to change that at this stage anyway. And thanks for your advice awk34, I’ll try to use a ref next time, though it feels a bit unnatural.:spin:


some advice PLEASE!