My first Human face

Hey all!:smiley: i’ve been using blender for about a week now and i’m 13. this is my first human project, but its not completely done. see what u think:)

Comments would be great.


it would scare the (…) out of me if I came across this guy at night:P… but he does look good, loads better than my first head :smiley:

Hey, nice work, especially after just 1 week! I like it so far. :slight_smile: Only thing I see right now that you could fix, is that you have some triangles in your mesh. Try to convert all your tri’s to quads, like at the chin, select 2 adjacent triangles and hit Alt-J.

Here is a slitely diff view. I tried fixing all tringles to qauds, a few left. Mabye i should make body? no?


by the way thanx heeps for the replys!

Im Sorta trying for a piece of art oilpaints or pastel or somthing. trying to get that picture feeling. it was edited in the gimp