My first human head

My first human head, I tweaked it for a couple hours this morning and it keeps looking better and better. Now where do I go from here? lol this is my very first model in blender and I’m using 2.49 and I haven’t a clue what to do next…I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the whole textures and UV mapping thing.

The top of the head feels a bit egg-shaped to me… Anyway, you should try unwrapping it. I could show you how I unwrapped mine, but I’m really not sure it’s good :|. A wireframe would be nice too. Also, the nose seems a bit too “young” compared to the rest of the visage imho.

thank you for the critique…I just realized that when rendering the image the picture I get is as if the camera is inside the head or the head is unwrapped and laying flat, not sure which…what have I done? and how do I fix it? the camera and light set up should be fine but it’s messing up on the render.

The top of the head could be filled out a bit. But also it is a thin character. Nothing wrong with that. Nice job for first time out. If you show some wires of the front and profile, I can comment on some problem areas and maybe help fix.

Why aren’t you using Blender 2.5?
Just curious.

I have 2.5 but for some reason my buttons widow is all glitchy…and i started this in 2.49 so I just stayed there. Plus I have a hard time finding some things in 2.5 after being semi used to 2.49