My first images

(ndnchief) #1

Hello Blender Addicts, this is my first post of some images, I am new to blender, so go easy. Also. I would like to say thanks to all who post helpful info for us who are racking our brains, trying to figure out how to use this AWSOME program. ADDICTED = HEADACHE!! LOL!!


(basse) #2

you seem to know how to model, so that’s ok. next, I think you should concentrate on lighting…all the pictures were a bit dark… …

but it’s a very good start!


(Pooba) #3

Hey, that’s a way better start than I had! To this day I can’t really model that well. I mostly do game stuff, that way I don’t get critisized because I didn’t put in a lot of detail into each model :P. But I agree, the lighting needs some work. Keep on trying!


(S68) #4

Nuice start!

1st picture: work on texturing, the moon has a very deformed texture, try ‘sphere’ mapping, play with scales

2nd picture: nice, what is it?

3rd picture: even nicer. You should learn SubSurf, those mudguards have too straight edges.

4rt picture: so you are getting textures right :slight_smile:

Keep blending


(ectizen) #5

From the lighting, it looks like your monitor may be set quite a bit brighter than average. Try reducing your monitor brightness, then adjusting the lighting in your scene.

Alternatively, you could use the unified renderer and increase the gamma when rendering for public viewing:

The table in the fourth image looks like a flattened, SubSurfed cube. Try using SubSurf on other things (like the leg of the table), and increase the Subdiv setting a little - just a little as higher settings will require extraordinary amounts of memory amd can bring your system to a grinding halt (I once set Subdiv to 9, noticed the unresponsiveness, did some quick calculations, slapped my forehead, and reset the computer…)

(wewa_juicyb) #6

lol, you should be very careful when deciding how much to subsurf, I’ve lost many a good model because of some stupid typo (and forgetting to save)… Darkness does seem to be a problem of yours. and as far as texturing goes, maybe you should try getting you textures to map in another form other than plane, like Cube or Sphere (refering to the texture on the planet).

(DreamMaster) #7

Are you calling me an addicted Blenderwoman? … Don’t insult my addictation… I hold it in my hands as if it is a wearily glass… it’s a precious blessing that you NEED for Blendering…

(S68) #8

Nothing lost you have, untill the subsurf to a mesh converted you have, and then too late it is. The Dark side of the force a subsurf to mesh conversion it is