My first impressions of Blender

Hey guys, I was a 3d Max user over 20 years and I just started learning Blender couple of days ago, There are something I tested in a few day.

Daz to Blender (Eevee)


I captured my face using iOS app Face Cap and apply the data to Daz character, then export to Blender. The camera move using VirtuCamera on Blender, it’s pretty amazing!

With mocap data

Without mocap just VirtuCamera move

Very exciting for a new journey!


This is really cool! How did you export to Blender? Is it just as simple as drag and drop, or is there some special addon/plugin required? You’re right that this stuff is very exciting!

Try this:
I think it’s the best add-on for Daz to Blender, even better than officially Daz plugins for Blender!


Thanks for that! What about the Motion capture files/ VirtuCamera files? Easily imported into Blender?

For face motion capture plugins for Daz:

And you also need to install some face mocap apps on you mobile device
Facemotion plugin could load FBX file you captured from mobile device then accept face animations to Daz character.

For VituCamera is the add-on for Blender, it could allow you controlled / recorded Blender camera movement on your mobile device, just follow this link:

So there is my process:
Created a Daz character → Capture my face motion on my phone and exported FBX file → imported FBX file to Facemotion plugin for Daz character → Exported character with face animations using Daz Importer add-on to Blender → Control camera movement in Blender with VituCamera app on my phone

Good luck!

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This is great stuff, thank you so much for replying!